EVSC's eLearning Revolution provides our teachers and students with tools that reinforce collaborative learning, creativity, innovation, initiative, critical thinking, adaptability, curiosity, effective communication, and the ability to analyze information.  In order for this Revolution to be successful, teachers, students, parents, and the community must work together as a collective partnership to discover how best to use these tools to foster and encourage 21st century skills and lifelong learning. The EVSC mission of Equity and Excellence for all Children is a shared responsibility among the EVSC faculty and staff, families and students, and our community.

The purpose of the laptop initiative is to ignite a passion for learning, inspiring all students to become self-motivated, enthusiastic participants in their education. Our goal is for all students, regardless of income or family background, to have access to a laptop computer for use at both school and home. We believe that individual ownership will help promote concepts of self-motivation and enthusiastic participation by providing all with access to a powerful technological tool to enhance learning in secondary education and careers. Since computer use is required in nearly all post-secondary programs and professions, a natural and constant access in high school will better prepare students for this inevitable future.

The eLearning Office has Mr. Gray as our computer technician. He also supports two elementary schools so he is not full time at Plaza Park. He will have morning hours at Plaza Park. Students can complete a netbook repair slip and drop it off in the administration office. Mr. Gray will return the netbook to the students when it is fixed.

Mrs. Stephens is the eLearning coach for the Harrison Attendance District.  She is responsible for helping students and teachers integrate technology.

Technical Repairs:
Students that have issues and/or physical damage to their netbooks should bring them to the front office and check them in. Mr. Gray is responsible for repairs and is at the school between 7:30am till 10am or noon till 3pm most operating days.

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